Case Closed, For Now

Following up on a comment and feedback received today, the case that CLGI filed against Gates of Heaven has been dismissed in the state of Ohio. However, CLGI can refile in the state of Virginia if they chose to. We here at CLGI Victims feel CLGI should take this as a sign from God and stop their evil pursuit. God is not pleased. Continue reading “Case Closed, For Now”

330 Days

330 days. That is how many days it has been since Pastor Robinson went to the board of directors and reported the sexual misconduct of Joseph White. To this date, no real actions have taken place. Letters carrying no true punitive action have been issued and Joseph White has thumbed his nose at them all. He still carries on as if he has done nothing wrong. The board has made no efforts to reach out to the victims. No efforts have been made to offer counseling for the victims. They have not even received the our thoughts and prayers are with the victims well wishes. Everyone gets those words. Not the victims of CLGI. They have received nothing. Continue reading “330 Days”

The Tale of the Hair by Anonymous

Before I post this sister’s account of how she was deemed less than____, you fill in the blank because of her hair, I would like to make a quick comment. I often noticed while in the church people were judged based on their outward appearance. You could have the most sincere saint who loved the Lord with all their heart but that did not matter if you did not have the “CLGI look”. I often did find those who had “the look” could be the meanest devils on the face of the Earth. Please remember that man looks on the outward but God looks upon the heart.

-CLGI Victims Admin Continue reading “The Tale of the Hair by Anonymous”

Gaslighting by Anonymous

Gaslighting is the Appropriate Term for a What We Experienced.

For many of those who brought issues of concern to leadership and were made to feel “bad” or “crazy” by leadership even though you had proof and/or it was your own experience, we experienced what clinical researchers refer to as “gaslighting”.

“Gaslighting” is a form of manipulation that is used to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, hoping to make them question their own memory, perception, and sanity (sound familiar?). Through persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, Gaslighting attempts to destabilize the target and de-legitimize the target’s belief (Retrieved from Wikipedia, May 2017). Continue reading “Gaslighting by Anonymous”

The Infamous Lisa Clark Email

Last week, we received an email from a reader asking about the email heard around the organization and outside too. I am not sure how true it is but according to the comments section of the Columbus Dispatch, the individual she had the issues with attempted to get a restraining order against her. The attempt us unsuccessful as it should have been. Sadly, it was posted, she has been sat down for a year for sending the email and spilling the beans about the true status of the church.

Continue reading “The Infamous Lisa Clark Email”

What About the Women in Response to An Offended Wife

No, the women were victimized by William Lee III (WL3) and everyone has known for years. How is it that EVERYONE at the POB is aware of the many years of psychological and mental abuse, and inappropriate conversations with young and vulnerable women who have come through the European Jurisdiction but will not accept what has been reported about Dr. White. Continue reading “What About the Women in Response to An Offended Wife”

Please Speak Out! by Anonymous

The post below was submitted to us by a viewer of the website. Although we did not pen this post, this post expresses out thoughts 100%. We are not buying the “it was consensual” lie being spread around. We have said it before, and we will continue to say it, it was not your fault. You did nothing wrong. You trusted someone who should have been trustworthy. Please speak out. He has not stopped and will not stop until everyone stands together against him and his protectors and go to the law. We know that there were underage victims whose cases are not outside of the statute of limitations for prosecution. You are not alone, you have support. Please speak out. He must be stopped.   Continue reading “Please Speak Out! by Anonymous”

Toxic Relationships/People

A toxic thing is something that is poisonous or harmful. Sometimes, people or relationships can be toxic to an individuals well being. Since leaving CLGI, I have really had time to think about the toxic relationship I had with the organization, some of the people, and the leadership within the organization. After taking an honest evaluation of the relationship, I told myself never again, not even a sample in CLGI or any other church for that matter. Does that mean I stop going to church? No, it just means that I now look out for toxic situations so I can either avoid them, or flee from them if a good situation turns bad. Continue reading “Toxic Relationships/People”

Let’s Clear the Air

I would like to take a moment and clear the air. There have been a lot of rumors going around and I think it is being done to muddy the waters and distract people from the issue at hand. No matter what you hear remember, Joseph White is still a predator. He uses his position of authority to force his will and his desires on naive and trusting young men. The sexual acts performed between Joseph White and the victims were not now nor have they ever been consensual. These young men were assaulted and as a result of said assault, many marriages, families, lives, and ministries were ruined. Joseph White, his sisters, and others on the board are not using the money you and I gave/give (if you are still a member) for the intended purposes. Continue reading “Let’s Clear the Air”

No Answer is Still an Answer by Elder Anonymous & Admin

Earlier today, I was thinking that by not giving an answer is still an answer. Depending on the situation, it can be an admission of guilt or it can signify that a person is in agreement with a situation. The only time the two above statements are not true is if the person is in an altered mental state, they are under extreme duress, or they are in an abusive situation. Today as I was checking the website feedback, someone emailed me the excerpt below. I find it still appropriate for the current situation. Continue reading “No Answer is Still an Answer by Elder Anonymous & Admin”